Saturday, January 24, 2009

The 48 Laws of Power

So I spent the last two days reading The 48 Laws of Power which is a collection of laws based on historical short tales or stories. These laws don’t take into account any sense of right or wrong. Instead, the laws focus on how one can increase their influence over any situation, regardless of the moral consequences of doing so.

In other words, this book focuses on how to gain power in any situation, regardless of whether it’s morally right or wrong, and it uses specific stories from history to illustrate these rules of power.

Here is a piece of the book that stood out for me personally.

Half of your power comes from what you do not do. What you do not allow yourself to get dragged into. For this skill you must learn to judge all things by what they cost you. As the famous Nietzsche wrote " The value of a thing sometimes lies not in what one attains with it, but in what one pays for it - what it costs to us "

In the end life is short, opportunities are few and you have only so much energy to draw on.

Power is a social game to learn and master it you must develop the ability to study and understand people.

I found this to be a very interesting book for both my business and personal life I also enjoy studying people and there behaviors. I encourage each and everyone of you to read it especially if you are in an office setting. Use it to understand the behavior of others and those who are overly power hungry.

The way I was raised and my belief is that real power comes from earning respect.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Two Cents

Since this is a new year. I have decided to go with a fresh new start.

Previously my blog was titled " Residual Income Marketing Strategies " which was the direction that I started with and was very excited about. I soon came to realize that I was very short of knowledge in this area. I have been involved in the direct sales internet marketing field part time for the past five years now and as of May 2007 I decided finnaly to go full time as one would say.

Though the past years I have studied and read everything possible on the subject and learned like we all do the truth about trying to make a living online. The path has been a bumpy road Plain and simple it's not as easy as everyone likes to make it sound. Through my scars and bruises gains and loses and many life long friendships I have made I have come to this conclusion. I still have a lot to learn. I also am very open to learning from each and everyone of you.

With that said through my studying and experience I also have a lot to share. I feel like I know what works and what doesn't only through trial and error am I really able to say that it takes dedication and commitment to be able really to make it online. A monthly residual income is not given but earned.

So I want this site to be more about personal development and growth both on a personal level and a professional level. If you read my previous posts then you will understand where I am now coming from and if you subscribe then you will see the direction that I am now going in.

I really and truly believe the time is now with where we are as a global economy and the current position we are all in. Supplementing your income full time or part time is necessary. A residual income I truly believe at this current economic time is stronger then any 401k or retirement plan available. I know many who have lost everything in thinking and believing that they had a retirement fund waiting for them only to come to find it is all now gone with no true explanation.

I also want this to site to be on a more personal level. I am going to be posting a lot more about all kinds of issues and topics. Personal daily experiences along with challenges to you my readers to change your mindset and the way we are told to think. Follow your heart and your passion in life. Trust your instinct.

Simply put this site will be the way EYE see everything. Take it or leave as you will I look forward to growing and also producing a relationship with each and everyone of you.

Feel free to email me

From now on you will get my two cents out of daily life.